Debit Order Collections

Let our Online System help you by having the most dynamic way of collecting Debit Orders from your clients.

Quick, Simple!!

We strive to make Debit Order collections as simple and easy as posible, while giving our clients the flexibility to collect in the way they want say it be a once off, Monthly, Yearly or even Quarterly.

Our system handle all the difficulties like tracking payments, unpaids and disputes.

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EFT Debit Orders

Decuct Debit Orders from bank accounts for easy collections.

NAEDO Deductions

This is a debit order collection system that allows you to process your debits closer to the bulk salary payment window, thereby improving the likelihood of successful collections.

Online System

Our Online System is full of features enabling you to manage your Debit Orders and Payments more efficiently. More importantly, the console enables you to manage all of your collections from one point from anywhere any day of the week.

Account Verification

Account Verification Service (AVS) is a service which gives our Users the ability to verify certain bank account details of a Consumer.

Mass Upload

With Mass Upload function you can upload files with multiple records with one click. It saves you from the pain of loading each record by hand.